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Yin & Yang within Solstice & Equinox

Last week in our Southern Hemisphere, we observed Autumn Equinox with the move from Yang to Yin.

But what are ‘Equinox’ or ‘Solstice’ exactly? How do they relate to Chinese medicine? It is quite simple– all is linked to sunrise and sunset.


Summer Solstice is the day with the most hours of light from dawn till dusk. The longest day of the year is followed by the shortest night. It is the most ‘Yang’ day of the year with Yang being light and warmth.

Winter Solstice on the other end, represents the shortest day followed by the longest night. Yin represents night, darkness and coolness.

EQUINOX contains the word ‘equal’. Twice a year, days and nights are the same length. In Autumn Equinox, Summer Yang turns into Winter Yin and vice versa for Spring Equinox.

Of course, the same is valid for the Northern Hemisphere, only the dates are opposite😊

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