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Chinese Medicine and losing Weight – Part III

Satiety – how to ease yourself into eating less

That is obviously one of the more tricky ones. So, first understand your underlying reasons for your eating routine

HABIT: we are creatures of habit; if you are used to nibble on something sweet at 3pm, it is incredibly hard to break that habit; Two things to do:

- Exchange the item that you normally eat with a different one; ideally a less sugary one, but focus (initially) more on the change rather than the calorie reduction.

- Choose a different time; some days a bit later, some days a bit earlier to wean yourself of the ‘3pm habit’.

EMOTIONS: Food represents comfort, love. There is no way around it. If you reduce your food intake, you need to give your body something back. As boring as the repetitive ‘exercise’ comments may sound, a brisk walk will release endorphins; a chat on the phone with a good friend, a funny movie - anything that will stop you staring longingly at your fridge ..



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