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Wind- Moving Pain in your Body

The last few days have been exceptionally windy. Wind can lead to a spike in all kinds of respiratory issues, such as asthma, allergies, but also simple things like the common cold.

But Wind in Chinese medicine has an additional component. Wind, by its sheer nature, is strongly moving. Many people with persistent Qi (energy) stagnation) will confirm that they feel better when they feel the wind on their face. They enjoy walking in a strong breeze and feel calmer and more relaxed afterwards.

But Wind can also move other pre-existing pathogens in your body. If you suffer from joint issues, you might feel a worsening of your pain or even a ‘moving around’ of your pain. Familiar with the feeling that on some days the pain is all in your neck and then moves to your wrists, just to land in your hips a couple of days later? Chinese medicine considers this internal Wind.

This Wind needs to be extinguished in line with the other existing pathogens that originally caused the pain. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for the win! 😊



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