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RHINITIS and Chinese Medicine

There are those days where you would rather not have a nose …

Many are familiar with that feeling of a stuffy or runny nose, often combined with sneezing, red or itchy eyes and a general feeling similar to a head cold. Allergies are a main cause. They can be seasonal or occur the whole year (perennial). Others get a runny or stuffy nose from increased stress, certain foods or from a viral infection.

As always in Chinese medicine, the setup of the symptoms will decide on the treatment. And as a rule of thumb: treat the symptoms during an acute attack, and treat the underlying cause in-between attacks.

Little tip for the seasonal allergy sufferers: daily flushing of the nose (neti pot) and spreading a small amount of Vaseline or lanolin cream on the inside of your nose can go a long way in limiting the allergens from causing a reaction 😊

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