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PMS - Move that negative Energy ..

The so called ‘days before your days’ can be physically and emotionally exhausting for many women: headaches, bloating, emotions all over the place, you name it…

In Chinese medicine, the cause is often based on an energy (Qi) imbalance. The Qi gets stuck (stagnant) in preparation for menstruation. Think of it as inhaling air before starting to sing in a choir. Sometimes you inhale too early and get stuck with this extra air in your lungs that you have to hold on to until your cue.

Stuck energy causes problems, so that stuck Qi needs to be moved; In Chinese medicine, the treatment approach is usually to gently move the Qi and nourish the Blood, depending on the individual presentation. This can be done with acupuncture, Chinese herbs or a combination of both. And here is a systemic review that confirms that Chinese Medicine is amazing 😊:

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Picture courtesy of Lacie Slezak

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