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Dandelions – not only Pretty, but so Powerful

You might naturally grow some dandelions in your garden and even have occasionally used the leaves or flowers in a summer salad. The name is derived from the French “Dent-de-Lion”, or “Lion’s teeth”.

In Chinese herbal medicine, dandelion is called ‘Pu Gong Ying’, and though its flowers look like the sun, the plant’s characteristics are actually cold! It is said to clear Heat, and purge Fire toxicity.

Typically used for complaints of the respiratory tract such as throat and eyes, it also affects the breast, skin, urinary issues and more.

Interestingly, in Western herbal medicine, it is often labelled as a ‘natural antibiotic’. If you analyse it in the lab, you can find minerals, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus and iron in it. The most prevalent vitamin is vitamin A.

But, don’t forget that, unlike in Western medicine, Chinese herbs are prescribed as a mix in order to work on the full picture of your symptoms and also to minimize any potential side effects.

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