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Constipation and Chinese Medicine

Less than three bowel movements a week or difficulty passing a bowel is called constipation.

In Chinese medicine, constipation is often due to dryness in the intestine, Heat in the body (which causes dryness), or some sort of deficiency, such as Qi (energy) or Blood.

It is quite easy to recognize if you suffer from a surplus condition (too much Heat, too much Stagnation) or a deficiency condition: in a surplus, you will feel better after the bowel movement, in a deficiency, you will feel worse or even exhausted. So you need to clear excess or tonify.

Start by increasing your fluid intake, also check your consumption of fibre, going for a walk might help as well. If you want to try out laxatives, be careful not to overuse them.

If you feel that your constipation is becoming a problem, then you might want to consider acupuncture and herbs as a healthy way to kickstart your body.

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