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Chinese medicine and Summer Time

Summer is the time of Yang, heat, long days, exuberant energy; the dominant colour is red and the dominant Yin and Yang organs are the Heart and the Small Intestine.

Though for some, summer time can aggravate certain illnesses. Arthritis, blood vessels (circulation), some forms of hay fevers/ skin ailments, digestive illnesses (belching often aggravated) but also depression can get worse with heat.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture can support your body to retain your Yin and stop the Yang from causing havoc in your body.

Keep drinking cool (but not cold) liquids (Yin). It is so easy to underestimate the amount of liquids needed.

Your diet should be easily digestible, with little or no deep-fried food. Go for a mediterranean diet with stuffed tomatoes/ capsicum, avoid spicy food.

If you are outdoors a lot and sweat, you need to make sure that you get your salts back. Do your walking in the evenings when the UV index is low. If your legs tend to puff up, elevate them at regular intervals during the day.

Stay healthy! 🌻

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