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Chinese Medicine and losing Weight – Part II

Last time we started a food diary. But what to do with it exactly?

1- Focus on your patterns:

- Is it the quantities?

- Is it certain calorie-rich food groups (i.e. French fries) that keep popping up?

- Do you eat because you are hungry or tired or bored or lonely?

- Do you combine TV and meals (either snacking or full meals)?

The list can go on and on, it really depends on you and your routines

2- Focus on food groups:

dropping chocolate, alcohol, fries, cakes etc is a challenge as we will be messing with our habit and comfort levels. So the first few days/ weeks, don’t just drop but rather exchange certain foods.


Chocolate: try maybe a couple of dates and walnuts eaten together; they mimic the 'chocolate feeling' quite nicely

Chips: try those small salted pretzels instead; they will still give you the salt, but ease you off the oil

Soft drinks: mix soda water with the juice of your choice (i.e. apple or orange); it will still be carbonated, but less sugary and slowly reduce sugar cravings

=> Basically, slowly find alternatives for your specific cravings



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