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BURSITIS – when your joint ‘cushions’ are inflamed

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursae, little sacs that surround different joints in your body. By the way, the name has the same origin like the purse (handbag) that contains items that you like to carry around 😊.

Unlike your handbag though, the content of the bursae is simply fluid that is supposed to cushion and pad the respective tissues such as a joint, a bone, a muscle or tendon, to stop them from rubbing on each other.

Repetitive strain but also other factors such as arthritis can cause those sacs to get inflamed. As a result, the area can get swollen, painful and/or have a reduced range of motion.

In Chinese medicine, pain is always some sort of stagnation, depending on the type of pain, Qi (Engery) or Blood. The loss of range of motion is often caused by a pathogen called Wind-Damp and there is usually an element of Heat or Cold. This is easily diagnosed, depending on if you get relief from cooling or warming the affected joint.

The ideal approach will attempt to relax the surrounding muscles with acupuncture and drive out whichever pathogen has locked itself into the joint. Herbal Formulae support is greatly recommended and in case of a Cold invasion, moxa can give amazing results.



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