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Acupuncture’s Highest Point on Top of your Head

Climbing the top of the mountain and standing there with your arms raised is the dream of many mountaineers and even when we climb only a little hill, we often feel exhilarated and powerful looking down at the rest of the world.

A similar power is attributed to one acupuncture point right at the top of your head. The point is called Bai Hui in Chinese, or ‘hundred meetings’, it’s a very ‘Yang’ point. It leads energy to the head, but also calms and subdues Yang, clears the head and calms your mind.

With these attributes it is used with many symptoms, such as, for example, insomnia, dizziness, vertigo, and when you have this feeling of ‘emptiness’ in your head. Don’t forget, specific acupuncture points are typically used in combinations with other points in order to achieve a harmonizing effect 😊

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