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WORRY and Chinese Medicine

Perhaps the most prevalent negative emotion of the moment is worry, or its close relative, anxiety. With increasing uncertainties regarding money, health, relationships, jobs, and the future in general, worry is the sentiment that is most frequently expressed, unfortunately often starting already in early adolescence.

Typical signs for anxiety disorders can be irritability, being withdrawn, fears about routine parts of our daily life, sleep disturbances, chronic health complaints and more.

In Chinese medicine, the emotion ‘Worry’ is associated with the Spleen. The Chinese Spleen (unlike in Western medicine) is linked to digestion, energy production and distribution, blood production and keeping the blood within its vessels (a weakness may cause a propensity to bruising).

Excessive worrying can weaken the Spleen and a weak Spleen will be more easily affected by worry – a vicious circle; A weak Spleen also craves sweets (those famous chocolate cravings), which in small quantities can nourish the Spleen, but in larger quantities will weaken it even further;

A CM treatment for a weak Spleen will include dietary recommendations, and acupuncture points and herbal medicine to strengthen the Spleen.



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