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WIND and Chinese Medicine

Wind is an interesting and tricky pathogen. Wind is Yang. It’s fast, light and likes to move around the body.

Translated into signs and symptoms, it can mean moving pain, such as wandering headache or joint pain that pops up and disappears quickly and often travels within different areas of the body.

Wind moves things, so there might be shaking, shivering or spasming even up to convulsions. Its lightness causes it to rise, affecting predominantly the upper parts of the body (head, neck, shoulders, lungs), but its lightness also means that it can affect the skin, where it presents with itching or rashes.

For example, most head colds are brought on by an invasion of external Wind, which enters via the nose or the neck, affecting the lungs, causing itching of the throat, headache, stuffy nose - all symptoms that disturb the upper part of the body.

And of course, because Wind is insubstantial, it likes to attach itself to other, more substantial pathogens, such as Heat, Cold, and Damp. Each of them will have its own, very unique signs and symptoms and will have to be treated accordingly.

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