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WHEEZING and Chinese Medicine

Wheezing, that whistling, high-pitched sound while breathing can be of an acute nature – often in connection with a cold or allergic reaction – or be longstanding. It is caused by the narrowing, compression or obstruction of your small airways.

In Chinese Medicine (CM), it’s the blockage of Qi (Energy) that causes the breathing difficulties. Qi is supposed to move down in tune with the breathing rhythm. It can be stuck due to Excess pathogens such as Wind and Phlegm. In case of deficiencies, the Lung Qi is too weak to descend and therefore accumulates in the chest, causing the typical wheezing sound.

Often, wheezing presents with a combination of Excess and Deficiency, where an Excess pathogen (the acute condition) brings to the forefront a chronic underlying deficiency.

The treatment of choice will be to clear any Excess pathogen, while carefully tonifying any pre-existing Deficiencies ❤

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