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Weak Immune System and Chinese Medicine

Are you someone who just after some minutes in the fleeting proximity of someone with a cold – boom – you can be sure that the next day you will start with typical cold symptoms as well?

In Chinese medicine (CM), someone who gets easily ‘invaded’ by foreign pathogens usually suffers from a deficiency of some kind. Depending on other symptoms present in the body, this may be a deficiency of Qi (energy) or Blood, or, if it is already a more chronic situation, it might have developed into a deficiency of Yin or Yang.

But there is also another scenario in CM that may cause frequent mild illnesses: a lingering pathogen inside the body. Typically, the patient had been sick with a nasty flu (or something similar). The body managed to recover, but a small rest remains inside the body, making you weak, easily tired, and susceptible to getting sick quickly. Especially in the elderly, one sometimes hears the comment ‘he/she has never really recovered after xyz..’.

Of course, the course of action here will be to push out the lingering pathogen with herbs and acupuncture and strengthen the body.

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