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VERTIGO and Chinese Medicine

Vertigo is a severe form of dizziness. It is often described as disorientation or ‘the room spinning around you’. These sensations can last from a few seconds to several hours and are frequently accompanied by nausea/ vomiting.

In Chinese medicine, vertigo can be an Excess of a Deficiency condition. In a Deficiency, one of the nourishing elements such as Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) or Blood is not sufficient to reach the head, thus causing vertigo.

In an Excess condition some pathological blockage stops the nourishing elements to reach the head. Additional indications such as headaches, stress, tiredness, tinnitus etc will specify if you suffer from a deficiency or excess condition, or both.

Specific acupuncture points and herbal medicine can strengthen the body or support it to remove the excess. If you have both, then treatment will be based on very carefully removing one and supporting the other.



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