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While children seem to be bursting with energy and wake up fully refreshed, grown ups often only dream of 8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep. The reasons can be multiple: A snoring partner, traffic noise, a night-active pet or bad sleep hygiene are just some examples.

Chinese medicine comes into play when the body and mind stop you from a good night’s rest:

If you have problems FALLING ASLEEP, but then sleep through the night, you are likely to have a so called ‘Blood deficiency’ (Chinese, not Western interpretation).

If you have problems STAYING ASLEEP, then often there is some form of Yin deficiency.

If you have to go to the TOILET several times at night, you possibly suffer from a Yang deficiency.

If you sleep through the night, but still WAKE UP VERY TIRED, then you might be looking at Damp.

Sometimes your MIND GOES ROUND AND ROUND the moment your head touches the cushion and you can’t seem to be able to switch off your train of thought. That might be some form of Qi (Energy) deficiency or stagnation.

So again, there is not one treatment that works for all, but the sum of your symptoms will define your acupuncture and/or herbal treatment.

Good Night! 😊

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