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TINNITUS – when your body blows the whistle on you

We all have had the occasional ringing in our ears or experienced an imaginary sound that is close to a buzzing or even a roar. People experience tinnitus in many different ways and often these noises are only of a temporary nature and disappear after a while. But what to do when these sounds just won’t go away or even become worse?

Chronic tinnitus is not easily healed. There are many remedies suggested, from white-noise machines to meditation to cognitive behavioral therapy or even antidepressants.

In Chinese medicine, two main types of tinnitus are differentiated: the high-pitched one is considered to represent a stagnation of the Liver Qi and the low-pitched one is linked to some form of Kidney Qi deficiency.

In Chinese medicine, the Liver represents many different forms of stress, of external environmental pressure onto us (=> causing stagnation), while the Kidney is the organ that encompasses our constitutional strength, its weakness represents more of an internal deficiency. Depending of the individual presentation, different treatment approaches focusing on different Chinese medicine organs will be appropriate.

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