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Sweating and Chinese medicine

Mainly, our body needs the ability to sweat in order to regulate our body’s temperature, which therefore plays an important role for our overall health.

Though too much sweating can become quite challenging. There are several types of ‘undesirable’ sweating differentiated in Chinese medicine.

The distinction is made by area of the body and time of day. For example, does the sweating affect the whole body, only hands and feet (more of a clamminess), or maybe only the head and chest (or a different area)?

Does the majority of the sweating occur during the day or at night? Or predominantly under stress? Did the sweating start after a major illness? Is it menopausal?

The answers to these questions will lead to the type of imbalance that has occurred in your body and will be interpreted together with other signs and symptoms, such as your digestion, sleep, and more.

Once the picture is clear, the appropriate acupuncture points and Chinese medicinal herbs can be applied to shift the body back into balance.

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