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SUMMER Solstice – the most ‘Yang’ day of the Year

And it is again that time of the year .. yes, not only Christmas is almost upon us, but also summer solstice, the day with the highest number of daylight hours in the whole year. Here in Perth, we will see a bit more than 14h of continuous sunshine during this year’s summer solstice (21st of December).

In Chinese medicine, sun, summer, day and light are all expressions of Yang. Therefore, this day has the most Yang and the least Yin, which is cool, moist, calm, and dark. After the 21st, Yin will get bigger every day, until it reaches its maximum during winter solstice.

With all this Yang energy, including early mornings and late evenings, it is important to make sure that you still get enough sleep and don’t exhaust yourself. And if you tend to get sick easily in winter, now is the time to build up your immune system, to strengthen and tonify your body in preparation of winter disease.

Have a great summer!

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