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Shortness of Breath – when those stairs suddenly seem endless ..

That feeling of not getting enough air into our lungs can be acute or chronic. We might have skipped one too many exercise classes or didn’t have enough time to get off that office chair and into the open air. After having been sick in bed for a while it is also quite normal to feel a bit breathless until the body gets used again to a more active lifestyle. And, of course, there can be that lying nasty bathroom scale that is intent to spoil those latest few restaurant dinners with those amazing deserts ..

Strong heat, too much exercise and altitude can also be triggers, so be aware of your activities and surroundings. In any occasion, you should find out the cause of your breathlessness in order to avoid any underlying medical conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and even problems like Heart failure.

In Chinese medicine, breathlessness (dyspnea) is caused by the failure of Lung Qi (energy) to descend. The aim of any treatment for stuck Lung Qi will always be to descend Lung Qi and clear any pathogens or deficiencies.

Interestingly, even in Chinese medicine theory, the Lungs work closely together with the Kidneys and the Heart, so any of these organs will be analysed in order to detect the root cause of the symptoms.

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