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SADNESS & GRIEF and Chinese Medicine

Sadness and grief are emotions that have their legitimate place in life. Change in life circumstances, feelings of loss, so many different events and things can trigger these feelings.

Giving yourself time to grief or acknowledging that you are sad are important steps in your path of healing yourself and moving on eventually.

If you keep feeling stuck and empty, you might want to consider psychological or medical help.

In Chinese medicine, sadness and grief are connected to the Lungs. That big shaky breather that you do after a crying attack is the Lung Qi moving again. That stone that seems to be sitting on your chest when you are so unhappy is the stagnation.

If you start feeling ‘empty’, that is literally a deficiency of Lung Qi (energy), that is being ‘eaten away’ by the grief.

Fresh air, breathing exercises, acupuncture and herbs are good methods to clear Lung Qi Stagnation and deficiency ❤

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