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Put the Pressure on Nausea – useful Acupressure Points

Nausea is a commonly known feeling – everybody has experienced it at one time or another. Be it after a heavy MEAL, during PREGNANCY, a side-effect of some MEDICATION or MOTION SICKNESS while on a ship/ plane or one of those windy roads in the mountains – the list just keeps going on.

In Chinese medicine, nausea is triggered by so-called ‘rebellious’ Qi (energy). And, it does make sense: in the digestive system, energy is supposed to push food downwards, starting from the mouth. And nausea (similar to belching, hiccups, and acid reflux) is digestive energy that stagnates or even moves in the wrong direction, namely back upwards. It ‘rebels’ against the designated downward direction.

Ideally, you would get an acupuncture/herbal treatment that focuses on calming and redirecting your digestive Qi. It can have an acute and a preventative effect, calms, redirects and strengthens your digestive Qi.

But what to do when you are sitting in an airplane?

One easily accessible acupuncture point that also doubles as an excellent acupressure point is located just three finger-breadth below the crease on the inside of your wrist;

- gently put light pressure or massage the point for a couple of minutes (don’t press down with the nail, but with the soft pad of the finger) – you should feel better soon ❤



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