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NAUSEA and Chinese Medicine

Next to musculoskeletal problems, nausea is maybe the symptom for which Chinese medicine (CM) relief is best known for. While nausea can sometimes lead to vomiting, in principle, it is a healthy way of the body to try and rid itself from potentially dangerous ingested food or drink. But it can also be a side effect of certain medication, illness, stress, travel, hormonal changes – like pregnancy – and much more.

In CM, nausea is the result of Stomach energy (Qi) travelling upwards, instead of its usual path, downwards. If the nausea and often resulting vomiting is not desired and happens repeatedly, the triggers have to be analysed. Is it a Deficiency? Is there Excess present that has to be moved? Acupuncture and herbs can often shift Excess and Deficiency conditions.

In any case, it is crucial to always ensure an adequate isotonic Fluid replacement in case a vomiting event has occurred.

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