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MALE INFERTILITY and Chinese Medicine

When a couple tries to get pregnant without success, male infertility can sometimes become the elephant in the room. Modern medicine is very much focused on supporting women on their quest to become pregnant, be it via taking supplements or a form of assisted reproductive technology, such as IUI, IVF, or even ICSI.

For men, infertility can include anything from impotence, to ejaculation problems to suboptimal sperm quantity or quality. Illnesses, such as diabetes, and certain medications may also have an impact on male fertility.

Chinese medicine has long been used to support women on their path to a successful pregnancy but the same principles are valid for men.

If you have fertility problems and are trying to have a baby with your partner, an analysis of your specific symptoms according to Chinese medicine principles might help you to work on your symptoms and at the same time support you to improve your overall health. Usually, a mix of supplements, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture will be recommended.



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