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INSOMNIA & Chinese Medicine

It can happen that from time to time, we find ourselves unable to sleep. The reasons for lying awake in bed can vary: a heavy and late meal, the looming dentist appointment the next morning, but also a happy event that we are looking forward to, or a quarrel that we had a with a friend or at work. The list is sheer endless. Normally, after a couple of days, we should find back into our old rhythm and get back to a good, deep, refreshing sleep.

If it seems impossible, it is probably time to analyse the ‘why’s’ of the insomnia. Do I need to have my last meal earlier? Maybe I should stop working on my computer/ check my mobile phone (blue light shortly before bedtime can be detrimental for a good night’s sleep). Sometimes it is simple things like a room that is too hot or feet that just won’t warm up under the covers. Maybe checking the news late at night could be done at an earlier hour of the day.

In Chinese medicine, two different main types are being distinguished: the difficulty of falling asleep, which is usually associated with a (Chinese medicine) Blood deficiency and the difficulty of staying asleep, which is considered a Yin deficiency. This imbalance can be aggravated by pain, emotional disturbances, vivid dreaming, nightly toilet runs and more, which all point to different Chinese medicine pathologies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used to address the specific symptoms. Take care ❤

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