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HEEL SPURS and Acupuncture

Whoever has had heel spurs knows that they can be quite painful and really affect your quality of life. These calcium deposits usually can be found anywhere between the heel bone and the arch of the foot. While some lucky people hardly feel them, others suffer from immense pain, almost like walking on glass. There can also be inflammation with redness and swelling. Rest and gentle stretching of the tissues involved are important factors in trying to improve the condition.

In Chinese medicine, any pain is stagnation, with stabbing pain representing Blood-stagnation. The method of choice will be to move that stagnation, which in this case is best done with electro-acupuncture. Electro-acupuncture enhances the moving properties of ordinary acupuncture needles. The electrodes will be attached to the individual needles and activated until a ‘buzzy’ feeling is generated. This improves the needles’ ability to slowly breaks down the debilitating Blood stagnation.

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