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FEMALE INFERTILITY and Chinese Medicine

The inability to have a baby can take a big toll on a woman’s happiness and can negatively affect the relationship of the two partners. Some problems are hormonal, others have other medical reasons, some just cannot be explained (idiopathic infertility).

Different solutions are offered in Western medicine (including checking if the cause of the infertility might me actually male infertility!), ranging from all kinds of hormonal treatments to surgery to assisted fertility treatments.

Chinese medicine, as I like to stress in my blogs, will not ‘fix the infertility’, but will approach the underlying energetic imbalance. The monthly cycle is a complex mix of Yin or Yang prevalence (check out my blog entry on the menstrual cycle);

if one phase is not represented/ expressed properly, the CM treatment will aim to support the cycle with appropriate herbs and acupuncture. As always, every treatment will depend on the individual presentation.



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