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EQUINOX and Chinese Medicine

Equinox occurs twice a year, in late March and late September respectively, when days and nights last exactly the same amount of time. Traditionally, these dates mark the start of Spring or Autumn, respectively. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, in September we can look forward to warmer weather as the days slowly will become longer and brighter.

In Chinese medicine, Spring-Equinox is the time when Yin slowly morphs into Yang, the cool, resting, dark phase of the year makes space for warm, active, light times. The element of Spring is Wood, the dominant colour is green, all representing Spring. Growth and change occur, intensifying the dormant feelings of winter, which may be positive, but can also trigger or worsen anxiety or depression. Dormant symptoms within the body can resurface. It is the time of the year to slowly start exercising again (especially if the cold and dark winter months made the couch look so vastly attractive..), eat well and ensure that you restock your body with all the necessary nutrients, get out and soak up the sun before it gets too hot again.

But most important: be gentle and kind with yourself and others – your path should always thrive to be an enjoyable one ❤

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