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DIZZINESS and Chinese Medicine

The word ‘dizziness’ contains a vast range of sensations. There is the mild light-headedness that lasts only for a few seconds. It can be experienced, for example, when you get up from a chair too fast. But dizziness also includes serious symptoms such as vertigo. Vertigo is often described like the room spinning around you, is accompanied frequently by nausea or even vomiting and can last for hours.

In Chinese medicine, dizziness can be interpreted as an Excess of a Deficiency condition. In a Deficiency, one of the nourishing bodily or energetic elements such as Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) or Blood are not present in a sufficient amount to reach the head in adequate quantities.

An Excess condition, on the other hand suggests that some pathological blockage stops the nourishing elements to reach the head. These pathologies have quite flowery names, like Wind, Damp, Phlegm for example.

Specific acupuncture points and herbal medicine will be used to strengthen the body or support it to remove the excess blockages. In some patients both Excess pathogens and Deficiencies might be present. Then a path of very carefully removing one and supporting the other will have to be taken.

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