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CINNAMON BARK – some like it hot ..

The sound of the word cinnamon (Rou Gui in Chinese) makes you think of cold afternoons with hot tea, maybe mulled wine, and yummy desserts with this strong and soothing fragrance .. So what does cinnamon do according to Chinese medicine (CM)?

Rou Gui has a strongly warming action, that’s why it is ideal when you feel chilly or your body shows signs of internal cold. It also unblocks the acupuncture channels. Everybody who has ever had to deal with indoor plumbing knows that blockages are never good news. In CM, blockages cause stagnation and as a result often pain. So ideally, Rou Gui applies for pain with cold symptoms. Of course, in CM, herbs will be used as a mix in order to achieve the best results.

If you happen to be a heat type (i.e. the last one running around in a T Shirt when everybody else is looking for their down jacket), then you should use Cinnamon bark only in moderation.

Just brew yourself a nice cup and let the warmth seep through your body 😊

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