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CHRONIC PAIN and Chinese Medicine

A matter close to my heart, as chronic pain has caused so much devastation worldwide and its aggressive treatment with opioids triggered a completely different beast, now known as the opioid crisis.

There are more than 13,000 studies published on acupuncture in general, but the positive effect of acupuncture on chronic pain has been pointed out again and again in several single and meta studies.

Pain, regardless if it is located in your lower back, upper back, neck, muscles or joints is always a stagnation of Qi (Energy) and Blood. What is the typical reaction to pain anywhere in your body? You try to massage it, to move whatever is stuck there. And that is exactly what acupuncture does to Qi & Blood Stagnation - attempting to move it. Does it work? - Yes:

In an article of the Journal of Pain of 2018, a Who’s Who of International researchers agreed that acupuncture significantly reduces pain and that its effect persists over time.

An amazing and reassuring study for patients and Chinese medicine practitioners. Thank You!!!

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