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Chinese medicine and your Bladder

Always running to find the next toilet?

Or fine during the day but waking up several times during the night?

In Chinese medicine, different underlying problems can cause bladder leakage – so the exact presentation is important. For example:

If the reason is a (benign) enlarged prostate, Damp is often the culprit. Damp bloats things up and partially blocks them

After birth: structures are weakened; Qi (energy) is too deficient to hold structures in place

Menopause: often a deficiency of either Yin or Yang

In any case: have your sugar levels checked; avoid: toxins (i.e. coffee, alcohol, smoking), heavy lifting, constipation; and do your pelvic floor exercises (i.e. Kegel exercises); and of course: go and get acupuncture and herbs! 😊



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