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Chinese medicine and the dreaded Bowel questions ..

Of course, we all would rather discuss cute pictures of cats and dogs, but - why do I keep asking about bowel movements??!

Bowels are a vital part of a person’s health. If you can only ask three health-questions, they should be:

- What goes in (what do you eat and drink)

- What comes out (Bowels)

- Sleep

If you know about those three, you can deduct most of the rest. Give it a try – you may find connections to anxiety, fatigue and much more.

The three main bowel categories are usually constipation, loose stools (up to diarrhea) and – alternating stools (sometimes loose, sometimes constipated). Starting from there, underlying pathologies can be understood much more easily.

It usually takes a few weeks for patients to ‘reacquaint’ themselves with their bodies/bowels and what is their baseline, but Health is a lifelong path 😊

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