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Chinese medicine and Stomach Pain

Many things can cause occasional or even persistent stomach pain. In Chinese medicine, a clear analysis is crucial in order to promote effective healing.

The magic word is BALANCING, via discovering which Chinese organs are out of sync. If you are very stressed/ frustrated, the Chinese Liver becomes dominant and starts ‘overacting’ onto the Stomach, causing pain.

Treatment will involve strengthening the Stomach and calming down the Liver. If your the pain is linked to certain foods, the Chinese Spleen has to be strengthened. The Spleen is responsible for a good digestion and is considered a ‘friend’ organ of the Stomach.

As usual, the type of the pain (stabbing, burning, dull, sharp) helps a lot in finding out what is happening inside your body. Pain or a feeling of relief when pressing down onto your Stomach tell if there is an Excess or a Deficiency at play. But whatever the cause, there is no need to suffer in silence!

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