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Chinese medicine and Spring diseases

Finally, Winter is over and we start enjoying longer and warmer days, especially here in Perth!

As nights are still quite chilly, we basically are looking at warm days with cool winds, cold nights with big temperature fluctuations.

That can give rise to flares in joint pain (all forms of arthritis or just a ‘stiff’ body), headaches, especially migraines, hayfever, strong emotions and more.

Spring is the time of growth after the dormant time in Winter. It is also the time of the Liver, which in Chinese medicine supports growth, but also harbors stress.

Growth represents movement and if your body is already in a stagnant place (Qi (Energy) or Blood Stagnation), you may feel the renewed movement around you as additional stress, which can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or resentful.

One big function of acupuncture is to move Qi and Blood, thus reducing individual symptoms of stagnation. Your body and mind will feel better 😊

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