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Chinese medicine and Ovulation Pain

Most women are familiar with discomfort or pain during their period. Even symptoms in the days leading to the period – PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome is now a relatively well-known word.

But few are aware that they are not alone when suffering from pain during ovulation (usually around day 11-14, depending on your cycle). This is not necessarily limited to abdominal pain, but can extend to headaches, chest tenderness, nausea and more.

In Chinese medicine, any time there is a change in the body’s dominant energy, typically a move from Yin into Yang or vice versa, Qi (energy) has to flow to make that change happen. A stagnation in that flow – as my faithful readers have probably learned many, many blog entries ago, will cause pain. It’s as simple as that. You remove the stagnation and move that Qi, the pain will go away. Again, as simple as that.

Acupuncture can be a great tool to move stagnant Qi – give it a try 😊



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