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Chinese medicine and Itching (Pruritis)

Itching can be

- An occasional annoyance like a mosquito bite

- Seasonal as part of a more complex picture (i.e. hayfever)

- More permanent such as a byproduct of very dry skin, eczema, or other pathologies.

In Chinese medicine (CM), itch is often (but not limited to) a symptom of either Wind, (toxic) Heat, Dryness, Damp, Blood deficiency, or a combination of them.

The important questions for an accurate diagnosis are:

- Is there redness?

- Is the itch limited to a specific area of the body?

- Is there oozing/ blisters at the site?

- Is the itch seasonal?

- Does it get worse in Heat or Cold?

Once it is clear what the underlying pathogens/ deficiencies are, a specific CM formula will work on expelling the pathogens (Heat, Damp, etc) and re-balancing the body (i.e. clear dryness).



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