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Chinese medicine and GOUT

Gout is a special form of arthritis where uric acid crystallizes in one or more joints, typically the big toe, causing attacks of severe pain.

As always in Chinese medicine, presentation is key for treatment:

The joint is usually red and hot, which means a Heat pathogen is present. In addition, there is stabbing pain, suggesting some form of Blood Stagnation. The joint is also swollen, which is likely some form of Damp. The fact that there are attacks of pain (rather than a continuous pain) implies Wind.

In other words, you are likely to see Wind-Damp-Heat with Stagnation.

These kinds of Chinese medicine presentations are best treated with electro acupuncture to basically blast the stagnation and Damp away. It is always a good idea to add Heat-clearing herbs.

Once the joint has calmed down, you should look at the underlying deficiency that allowed the pathogens to form inside the joint.



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