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Chinese medicine and Cough

Cough is linked to the lungs, so the primary acupuncture points are on the Lung channel.

The type of your cough will tell you about your pathology. There might be Dryness, Phlegm with or without Heat, Stagnation, or even Deficiency present.

Other involved channels can be the Liver (especially if stress is a factor), the Large Intestine (a lot of people detect a change in their bowels when they develop cough), the Stomach (you might have experienced that your Lungs ‘clog up’ after a heavy or spicy meal – a prime example of Phlegm).

Chronic cough sufferers might want to have a look at Kidney channel points that address the constitution.

Best solution: get herbs and acupuncture and make sure to: have regular bowel movements, avoid phlegm-creating meals, exercise to reduce stress, do not overtax yourself

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