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Chinese Medicine and CONSTIPATION

Every person has their own rhythm regarding bowel movement. Some are very regular, same time every day or even twice a day, for others it can be a movement every second day or even more. You yourself most likely know if you feel ok with your rhythm or if passing a bowel causes a lot of strain.

Constipation can have many reasons. Lack of drinking enough fluids hardens the bowel, lack of exercise makes the intestines ‘sluggish’, some medication causes constipation. And, of course, your diet has a huge impact as well. A diet high in fibre can make significant improvements in your bowel movement.

In Chinese medicine, constipation is caused most often by Deficiency: Qi (energy) and/ or Blood or Excess: Stagnation or Heat. And of course, there can be a combination of both. Acupuncture and herbs will aim to tonify deficiencies, clear Heat, and move stagnation, bringing your body back into balance.



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