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Chinese medicine and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

CTS happens when the median nerve that feeds your fingers (first three + half of the ring finger) gets compressed or even pinched by the surrounding structures, often causing inflammation.

The typical signs are tingling, numbness and eventually weakness of your fingers and hand.

In Chinese medicine (CM), anything that shortens, tightens or hardens tendons is likely caused by Blood deficiency (CM) as Blood is seen to nourish the tendons. Stabbing pain is called Blood Stasis, regardless of the location of the pain and fixed pain in an area of the body is usually a Hot or Cold Wind-Damp condition.

So depending on your individual symptomology, the mode of action would be (Blood) tonifying, Blood moving (possibly with Electro acupuncture), in a Cold condition warming (with moxa) and getting rid of the Wind-Damp (herbs).

Of course, you will have to analyse which parts of your lifestyle are the potential cause of the weakness in your wrist ❤️



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