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Chinese medicine and Anxiety

Anxiety is that disquieting, nagging feeling that permanently lurks in the back of your mind, that keeps you up at night and stops you from enjoying your life wholeheartedly. It may not be linked to a specific event, but more of a variety of ‘what if’ scenarios.

Often, sufferers are aware that they might be blowing things out of proportion but can’t stop themselves from worrying.

In Chinese medicine, anything that circles around the same point, can’t move forward, seems ‘stuck’ is (Qi-Energy) stagnation. This is the case for physical, but also for psychological issues. This needs a two-step approach. First, move that Qi, ‘unstuck’ the mind. Second, find out why there was a stagnation in the first place. Qi deficiency? Some excess pathology?

Tongue and pulse analysis will tell you more. Lifestyle changes, exercise, yoga are other important factors.

And, as always, if you feel you can’t cope on your own, ALWAYS seek help ❤️



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