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BRUISING and Chinese Medicine

If you bruise easily and sometimes look at bruises on your body and don’t even remember when you might have gotten them, you will find this interesting.

Blood is supposed to be flowing through the blood vessels only.

If it appears outside the vessels, Chinese medicine (CM) suggests several possible reasons.

Trauma: the most likely and common one – you fell or hit yourself on something sharp, the next day you will have a big bruise in the typical colours starting from red to blue/ purple, finishing in that yellow/ greenish before finally disappearing.

Qi (energy) Deficiency: this is where you seem to be getting bruises for no reason. The body is too weak to ‘hold’ the Blood within the blood vessel. It ‘seeps’ through easily and causes bruises that are not in relation to the impact on the skin.

Heat in the Blood: In CM, Heat causes movement and too much Heat in the Blood will ‘push’ the Blood out of the vessels, a phenomenon that can be seen, for example in acute febrile diseases that cause rash or blotches.

The solution in those three cases would be: respectively move, tonify or cool 😊

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