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Brain Fog – When your Head feels Fuzzy

Many different descriptions exist for this weird sensation. The head feels like wrapped in cotton, thoughts are sluggish and one loses one’s train of thoughts easily.

Causes can be many, starting from stress, diet, to certain medications, even lack of sleep, or underlying medical conditions, just to mention a few.

In Chinese medicine, the feeling will be more ‘Empty’ if it is a deficiency condition, and more foggy if you suffer from an ‘Excess’ pathology. Stress is an annoying double whopper, because on one side it causes Deficiency by consuming Qi (energy) and Blood and, on the other hand, it creates Stagnation of the Qi in the head, sometimes with Heat.

This can be felt by friends and family as it often results in grumpiness and irritability 😉.

As always, the solution is to move and clear Excess, while nourishing and supporting Deficiencies. Adding some gentle exercise and a well-balanced diet is paramount.

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