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BELL’s PALSY and Chinese Medicine

Bell’s palsy is an acute peripheral facial paralysis where usually only one side of your face becomes stiff or starts to droop. It happens because the facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) that feeds your facial muscles is inflamed, swollen or compressed.

In Chinese medicine, a one-sided paralysis of the face is often caused by something called ‘Wind-Cold’ attacking the channels and muscles. It is quite self-explanatory: Wind is a synonym for something that appears suddenly, a symptom that shows up basically ‘overnight’ but possibly quite severely. Cold is also very straight-forward: If pain anywhere within the body reduces with the application of warmth, then Cold has settled within. This can be a joint, the abdomen, or a muscle.

Wind-Cold is best treated by a round of wind-releasing acupuncture points and strongly warming formulae; some moxa should also be very beneficial; If there are strong elements of stagnation present, then electro-acupuncture should be considered; and as always: the earlier you start your treatments for Wind-Cold, the better; Get well soon!

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