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Skin Issues? - Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

For many sufferers, skin problems also have an emotional component as our skin is visible to everybody around us.

Ever wondered what happens when you come to the TCM clinic with skin problems?

Your skin is like a mirror to whatever is going on inside your body. Energetically speaking, Heat or Cold, Excess or Deficiency, or even Stagnation inside your body will paint the outside picture of your skin accordingly.

Imagine, for example, the bubbles of boiling water on the water’s surface. These bubbles are generated by heat at the bottom of the pot. Switch off the heat, the bubbles will slowly disappear. Your skin is the outermost expression of the energetic imbalances that do happen within your body.

Typically, in the clinic, I will ask a number of detailed questions that include your dietary habits, stress levels and more. Your skin will be the most important indicator of what is going on. Are the affected areas pink or reddish or almost purple? Is there itching? Which areas of your body are most affected? Are there certain cycles of improvement or worsening (i.e. seasons, time of the month, weekends, etc)?

Together with an analysis of the tongue and pulse, which in Chinese Medicine are important diagnostic tools, I will then prescribe an individualized herbal formula mix that addresses your imbalances.

By the way, the herbs usually don’t taste great 😉 , so a teaspoon of honey can get rid of the aftertaste.

picture courtesy of Ana Francisconi



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