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We have started feeling it during the last couple of weeks here in Perth, how the days are starting to become shorter again. And this weekend was again Equinox (March 20th /21st), one of the two times of the year where day and night do last exactly the same number of hours. Though officially in Australia, Autumn starts on March 1st, traditional calendars have always used the day of the Equinox.

In Chinese medicine, Autumn-Equinox is the time when exuberant and active Yang slowly morphs into Yin, the cool, calmer phase of the year. The outward-looking, growing time of Spring and Summer transforms into a more inner-focused, resting phase.

The dominant colour of this time is white, while the element of Autumn is Metal, which represents the Lungs. The Lungs are the dominant, but also the most vulnerable organ at this time of the year. The air turns dry, cool and crisp. Autumn is the typical time when the firsts common colds start developing and also the time when you should start slowly building up your immune system.

Autumn is also the time of letting go of negative emotions or environments, similar to the leaves on the trees that start falling. It’s a time to remove obstacles in your life and to focus your energy, on what is really important in your life.

Good foods to strengthen your Lung Yin at this time of the year are slightly steamed pears and almonds.

Enjoy this beautiful time of the year with long walks and mild exercise!



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