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Acupuncture’s Lowest Point at the Bottom of Your Feet (Kidney 1)

Our feet are the foundation we stand on, they carry our whole weight. Kidney 1 is the opposing point to the one on top of your head. Remember, needling a point brings Qi (energy) to the area. If you feel excess thoughts, worry, tension (Liver Yang Excess in Chinese medicine) you will want to lead Qi away from your head.

Points at the bottom of your feet will help you relax and they attract Qi downwards. You will feel the areas of tension yourself. Gently rub (or even better, get your partner to give you a foot rub – good luck managing that ..) the soles of your feet, finding the tender spots at your sole.

While the head point is the most ‘Yang’ in the body, the sole point is the most ‘Yin’. Its Chinese name is Yong Quan, which can be translated into ‘gushing spring’, incorporating the idea of a cooling liquid, the essence of Yin.

As a local point, it is often used in conjunction with plantar fasciitis.

And if you want to know exactly where this point is located: on the sole, in the small depression with the toes slightly bent, at the junction of the anterior 1/3 and posterior 2/3 of line connecting base of the 2nd and 3rd toes with the heel.



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