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Acupuncture and Moxa

Recently, I have seen an increase in clinic visits from patients suffering with joint pain, mainly stiff shoulders and necks, but also flares in arthritis and other joint-related ailments.

In many cases, the recently very cold weather may have worsened already existing joint issues.

Stabbing pain is usually a result of (Blood) Stagnation. Acupuncture is a great way to move Qi (Energy) and Blood but also to increase blood flow in areas that are typically under-supplied with blood anyway, such as joints.

If the pain was aggravated by Cold, an elegant way to gently introduce deep heat is to hold a moxa stick or cone close to an acupuncture needle and let the heat seep in deeply. And this works not only for joints, but anywhere in the body where Cold is an issue. Moxa is based on the Chinese herb 'Ai Ye', which is known as Mugwort or Artemisia. It can be used in its fluffy dried form, or compressed into either a cone or a stick that is then lightened up and warms up the acupuncture point.



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